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Anti - Slip Yoga Socks

USD$  7.95

Product Details

Yoga socks are essential Yoga props for all Yoga practitioners. Those who want their Yoga sessions to be perfect and 100% safe, this is a must have. Yoga socks help in maintaining grip with the floor. They also absorb the exerted pressure which helps in maintaining body-balance.
These socks have PVC dots which tend to grip the surface and hold the inertia. They maintain the grip with the surface which avoids slipping and thus fractures and fatigues.

Key Features
  • PVC dotted Anti-Slip Yoga Socks are made with Blended Cotton.
  • Yoga Socks prevent injuries and fractures while avoiding undue strain in bending poses.
  • PVC dots provide Anti-Slip Grip & allows foot full flexibility for Yoga Postures.
  • Black in color, Free-Size, Helps in keeping Spine aligned; Maintains accuracy of postures.
  • Unisex, Machine Washable; Natural dry; Allows Yoga Practice on any surface.
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