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Flexible Exercising Ball for Hand and finger Muscles

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This Small and Light Exercising ball is really helpful to relieve muscles stress and in building muscle strength. Also, it helps in speedy recovery after some minor or major accidents and restores the muscles tone. This ball provides excellent resilience for a long time. It is very soft on hands and does not react with air.

This ball is very compatible with different therapies like thermal and hydrotherapy. It has high patient compliance. It helps in increasing patience. It helps in relieving stress after long hours typing by relaxing muscles.

Key Features
  • Spongy Exercise Ball: Made of Lightweight Poly Urethane; Dia:2.25 inch, Color: Yellow
  • Dual Options: Softer Ball for Neuro and Nerve Fitness; Harder one for exercising Joints
  • Compatible with different recovery therapies: Speeds up Rehabilitation and Recovery
  • Helps in finger mobility; Relives stress after typing; improves ligament & muscle strength
  • Suitable tool for Anger Management and Stress Relief
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