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Anti-Slip Gripper Gloves

USD$  13.95

Product Details

Anti-Slip gripper glove make working-out easy and convenient. It’s lattice allows us to hold the weights and other gym or weight-lifting equipments without making it slippery to hold. Ithelps retain softness of the palm and fingers It absorbs sweat, while leaving fingers relaxed and odorless.

Key Features
  • Pair of Gripper Gloves: Made of Microfiber Lycra with Anti-Slip Latice, 4 Fingers Fit
  • Blue Silicone Lattice: gives Grip to hold the weights & equipments without slipping
  • Unisex, Suitable with Palm Width: 3.5 to 4.0 inch; Easy to wash & dry; High durability
  • Works as a Callus Guard; protects fingers from injuries; suitable gym work-out gloves
  • Lightweight; Breathable Secures knuckles and callous area while allowing finger movement
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