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Filter Dust Mask for Heavy Particles-Protection Set of 5

USD$  8.95

Product Details

Often, we get exposed to the areas which are filled with heavy and coarse contaminated particles. These areas can be construction sites, heavily polluted roads or traffic jams. At such places, this mask protects us from inhaling or inserting dust particles in mouth. It filters the air we take in holding such particles in the mask. It is a must have product to face such conditions while going outside. Even it should be used where construction is running. It can be office, home, park, roads and other places we visit in our routine life.

Key Features
  • Black Dual Layer Mask provides heavy dust particle protection; Useful as SOS Saviour
  • Outer Coarse layer holds big size contaminants & inner layer ensures dual filter
  • Reduces nasal irritations cause of dust and dirt; Filters bad smell in stinky places
  • Foldable and Easy to wear: Comfortable Elastic Ear bands at both ends hold it firmly
  • Made of Non- Woven light Washable fabric; Easy to carry in pockets for emergencies
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