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Travel Neti Pot (Set of 2) + 10 Jala Neti salt Bule

USD$  10.50

Product Details

This high grade plastic made Neti-Pot holds approx 250ml water. It has long smooth elevated spout with a tapered conical nostril tip. This tip easily fits at nostril without allowing any dropping of water. It has well rounded edges which ensure safe Neti-Practice. High grade plastic material ensures high durability and its robustness.

Key Features
  • Travel Friendly Neti Pot: handy & of Compact size,holds 250 ml for a sufficient nasal wash
  • Corrosion Resistant; Does not react with salts; Non-toxic; 100% Safe with no sharp edges
  • Smooth Conical Tapered Nose tip fits snugly at Nostril & also minimizes dropping of water
  • Robust & Highly Durable;One of the best travel aids to be free from sinus allergies
  • Easy grip indents on either side for firm grip during Neti; Prevents sinusitis, flu,headache
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