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Big Toe Exerciser Straightener Strap

USD$  8.25

Product Details

This Big toe Straightener Strap is highly effective in realigning toes to their natural position. Our big-toe strap work wonders with correcting Hallux Valgus disease and puts an end to the deterioration caused by Bunions. Used for exercising the toes and feet, this strap helps in toning muscles by providing self- regulated stretch and pull, preventing any damage to the toe joint.

Key Features
  • Highly effective in realigning deformed big-toes, the strap is also a great exercising tool
  • Helps with the correction of Bunion-Hallux Valgus through stretch and pull exercises
  • The soft stretch and pull of the strap, exercises, tones and relaxes toes and feet
  • Latex lined big-toe pad maintains flexibility while the velvet cover increases snugness
  • Great for keeping feet together while performing yoga & other exercises
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