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Soft Gel Exercise Ball

USD$  13.65

Product Details

Getting worked up at office or home is something we’re all familiar with, yet there’s no excuse for throwing a rage fit because we’ve been “stressed”. Enter health and Yoga’s Stress Relief and Exercise Ball. This soft squishy ball lets you vent all of your frustration and anger on itself while calming your nerves and letting all the built up tension slip away.

Key Features
  • Playful yet effective stress relieving tool, is squeezed for deep tissue massage
  • Effective in delaying and fighting with carpal tunnel, hand and finger arthritis
  • Squishy yet firm consistency of the ball allows maximum muscle stretch for muscle toning
  • Stimulates nerves & ligaments; great in rehabilitation and anger management
  • Durable, long-lasting & skin friendly tool; improves dexterity
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