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Gel Big Toe-Pinky Toe Joint Bunion Guard

USD$  9.45

Product Details

This silicone sling guard works wonders with correction of Bunion – Hallux Valgus deformity, overlapping and crooked toes. The sling strap is made from high quality soft silicone, which allows the guard to be flexible as well as provide ample support.

Key Features
  • Corrects Bunions in the Big toe and Pinky toe simultaneously
  • Soft and cushiony texture frees the toes and feet from pain and discomfort
  • Stretches, Straightens & Aligns both toes, alleviating tension
  • Flexible design allows maximum comfort and support through the heel
  • 1 Pair - Standard size-fits all; durable and washable design, long-lasting comfort
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