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Eye Cleanse Combo

USD$  9.25

Product Details

The eye cleanse combo comes with a gel eye mask that has a Velcro Strap, which can be easily latched on anytime anywhere, and a pair of eye wash cups, sturdy, transparent, high quality and with rounded edges i.e., safe. The eye was cups are filled with liquid (water or any prescribed drop/wash), then placed rim down on your eyes.

Key Features
  • Great eye care and cleanse combo; reduces soreness, provides stress relief
  • Includes a hot-cold gel eye mask and a pair of eye wash cups
  • Cooling Eye Gel Mask with Velcro Straps helps with dark circles and fatigue
  • Eye-wash cup: cup your eyes with the rims pour in the liquid and flush out toxins
  • High quality products rejuvenate and deep relax the eyes
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