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Hand and Foot Nerve Toning Kit

USD$  11.50

Product Details

This Hand and foot nerve toning kit is the answer to all your complaints about cramps, aches and stiffness in feet and hand. It comes with a soft squishy gel ball that is squeezed to exercise and massage the hand nerves and muscles.

Key Features
  • Two toning balls - a soft gel ball for hand and a Gentle Spiky Acupressure ball for feet
  • The soft gel ball stretches, exercises and tones hand nerves and muscles
  • The spiky reflex ball induces acupressure, massages & tones feet nerves and muscles
  • Great for relaxing and rejuvenating stiff or stressed nerves
  • Gel Ball is 1.8 inch and Reflex Ball is 3.14 inch in diameter
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