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Pure Copper mug

USD$  10.95

Product Details

This Copper Mug is a great and a much healthier substitute to a regular glass/china/plastic mug, since the copper in the mug reacts with the water to release positively charged ions, increasing its overall efficiency. The copper released in water is great for managing the thyroid levels, killing bacteria and keeping the skin healthy and shining.

Key Features
  • Pure Copper mug with a handle, Keeps water fresh for a very long time,
  • Reacts with and releases positively charged ions in the water, balances all three ‘doshas’
  • Regulates the working of thyroid gland by increasing copper levels in the body
  • Copper has anti-inflammatory properties; it helps in rheumatoid arthritis & pain relief
  • (Capacity: approx 400ml) (Diameter: 30cm) (Weight: 150gm)
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