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Head Handheld Stress Release Massager

USD$  12.36

Product Details

The day to day busy and hectic schedule has impacted our health in many serious ways. One of the core reason hindering our health is stress and fatigue. That is why this specially designed Head Massager is framed keeping in mind the needs of a person. It works wonder for easing head pain and relaxing neck stiffness along with inducing deep relaxation to the body muscles. They have a comb like structure for applying the pressure at specific pressure points. The handle of the massager helps in easy grip and soothes the affected area. The product is a keeper if started using once.

Key Features
  • Head massager is a massage comb used to relax and stimulate the scalp and neck muscles
  • Specially designed massager removes muscle tension and improves blood circulation in the head
  • Effective in reducing stress and eliminating pain by massaging points in the body
  • Comfortable hand grip, easy to carry and suitable for home, office or while travelling
  • Product size: 14cm*8cm (approx.), colour: pink
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