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Shana Banana Yoga - VHS

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With help from yoga instructor Haris Lender and a cast of fun-loving children, national children’s entertainer Shana Banana explores the subject of yoga in her first DVD. The ancient cure for the blues, which includes having to finish homework and chores in the afternoon after school, yoga can be of great benefit to children of all ages. First in a living room and later in a magical yoga land, surrounded by “Creatures of Delight,” Shana Banana sings about and demonstrates yoga for children. Eight original songs, including the unique “Yoga Alphabet,” are featured on this DVD, with a bonus track of Shana Banana performing live at beautiful Tampa Theatre. A perfect “tool” for parents to use in energizing their children’s bodies and minds, “Banana Yoga” is a fun and interactive program destined to become a national children’s classic. Directed by Dan Bramm and featuring original characters from T. Oliver Kopian’s “Creatures of Delight.”

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