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Purple Tee Shirt - Medium

USD$  25.00

Product Details

These T-Shirts correspond to the Chakras, the seven energy centers within each of us. Choose the color t-shirt corresponding to the chakra of your choice. Silk-screened, scoop necked, 100% cotton Concept T-shirts exclusively designed for Women.

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Rating Reviews

The medium t-shirt was way too big!
The medium sleeveless was too small.
Jun 08, 2009
Ithaca , United States

Thank you for asking. I am immensely impressed with your customer service. The energy coming from you feels as if it vibrates on a very high and wonderful level. I did receive my T-shirt and it is a very good product. Good quality cotton, nice design, etc. HOWEVER, I will need to return it because the color does not match the color as shown on the web site. I have a massage therapy business called Indigo Healing, and indigo is deep blue not purple. So it was confusing: the t-shirt was listed under indigo, the photo looked blue, it was described as purple and is in fact purple. I was considering buying several more as our uniform indigo shirt, but it is clearly the wrong color for us. Sorry and thank you. Peace. Lisa Boal
Feb 13, 2006
Beavertpn , U.S.A.

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