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Yoga Foam Blocks

USD$  12.99

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Product Details

Yoga foam blocks are the perfect way to achieve a yoga asana. It is helpful for people who have yet to achieve the final stage of a yoga pose. They provide safety, stability, and support for achieving correct postures.
These blocks are ultra light weight and very easy to use. Offers more stable support than narrower blocks! They can easily be carried.
Colors available: Blue , Purple
Size of foam block: 3"x6"x9".

Key Features
  • Ultra light weight¬†
  • easy to use foam block.
  • Provide safety, stability, and support for achieving correct postures.
  • Offers more stable support than narrower blocks!¬†
Rating Reviews

I love the yoga rug and thought the price very reasonable. It can be a tiny bit slippery for some standing yoga postures but the other kind was too sticky and I just find the feel of it a lot nicer. The foam brick didn't seem like much to get for $12.99. It works fine, but I thought that seemed a bit overpriced. Overall, I was very happy with my order. thanks Lesley Dinesen
Mar 10, 2007

Everything arrived in good condition and I'm really enjoying the neti pot. What a difference it makes to my sinuses. Thanks for your great products.
Sep 07, 2005
Landisville , U.S.A.

I am very satisfied with your products and am now using them in my practice. Thank you. Dennis
Mar 10, 2004
Reno , U.S.A.

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