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Woman Health and Pregnancy(Book with CD )

USD$  19.95

Product Details

The course is organized as 28 lessons (manual) and guided meditation (audio CD) and relaxation techniques. It is ideal for a woman’s general and pregnancy needs. The book contains exercises, breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques, Mudras and Bandhas (gestures or locks).

It helps in all-round care, guides you through pregnancy week by week and answers your pregnancy questions. It will take you through a progressive series of techniques right from the very basics.

Key Features
  • This course is based on the principles
  • meditation and relaxation techniques
  • positive effect on the mind
  • Yoga exercises
  • Meditation
  • Breathing (Pranayama)
  • Yogic relaxation
  • Pregnancy and Postnatal Health.
Rating Reviews

Extremely fast shipping. There is so much good information in this book, I am re-reading it.
Dec 18, 2015
Rebecca Thomas
Chattanooga , United States

Thank you for your service, the book and cd arrived, everything perfect !
Apr 02, 2013
Fouchy Christiane
Valbonne , France


Yes, I did receive the order for Women`s Health and Pregnancy(Book with CD). Thank you for the inquiry and the prompt shipment!

I very much like this book because it`s compact and conveys the information efficiently. I find the yoga lessons and practices well explained and easy to follow. I only wish that on the CD portion the yoga nidra practices would be of a longer duration (30 - 40 min) to allow for the practitioner to go deeper.

On another note, I really like the book Mother As First Guru and am disappointed it is no longer available in print. Is there any possibility to buy it in a PDF version so that I could print it out myself? I am currently reading it on the computer screen and that is making me feel cross eyed!

Good day.

Feb 08, 2013
Natasza Zurek
Penticton , Canada

I have reviewed the material in the book. I have not yet listened to the audio. I am in very early stages of pregnancy (5 weeks). I will start yoga when Doctor approves.
May 11, 2011
kaaawa , United States

Products are great. My wife is enjoying the meditation book/cd and my kids really like the yoga DVD`s. The mats are a big hit. My 3 year old likes the Lazy Lizard DVD and it is so cute to see him doing it. My 6 year old thinks the Lazy Lizards DVD is to easy, he likes the Yoga By The Dozen DVD best, because he finds it more challenging and fun.
Sep 18, 2009
San Antonio , United States

a great book I use to creat my classes!Thanks
Feb 17, 2009
Christchurch , New Zealand

All was as advertised. I appreciate your customer service it is top notch. Thanks Jules and Shauna
Dec 31, 2008
Victoria , Canada

Very happy with Woman Health and Pregnancy book, Mother as First Guru; I plan on ordering a few more things later on; delivery was earlier than scheduled; Only issue is condition of CDs accompnying book-better protection may be necessary, although the parts I have used work fine!
Aug 20, 2008
Midland , United States

very pleased with the product. thanks so much!
Jul 03, 2008
Springville , United States

I love your website and I thought your service was very quick and efficient. I was wondering what is your return policy. There is nothing wrong with the product, but I am unable to use it do to pregnancy comlications. I have a short cervix which has me on bedrest since I wasn 12 weeks pregnant.
Jul 03, 2008
Omaha , United States

From purchase to receipt of my order, the process went extremely smoothly. I received my book much sooner than I expected, and I was DELIGHTED with its contents. The guided meditations have helped me feel so in touch with my baby... even at 9 weeks I can consciously feel his/her presence in my womb! Yoga instructions are simple, straightforward, and well explained. I am thrilled with my purchase and am sure that I will continue to use it far after my pregnancy. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and life-expanding product! :)
Feb 22, 2008
Brooklyn , United States

Delivery was quick and efficient. Great, thanks.
Jan 02, 2008
Camperdown , Australia

Review not Provided.
Dec 11, 2007
Tallinn , Estonia

Review not Provided.
Nov 22, 2007
Amsterdam , Netherlands

I received my order in perfect condition. The shipping time was as you stated; neither too early nor any late. Cathy Sanders
Aug 03, 2007
Lascassas , U.S.A.

Love the CD. Booklet is ok. Not exactly what I was expecting. Would like more of a quick view definite list of what poses are bad for pregnancy and what are good.
Apr 17, 2007
Laurel , U.S.A.

Namaste Just wanted to confirm the safe and very prompt receipt of the book ordered. This I am finding very handy and useful and matching my expectations. Best regards Chrystelle
Apr 09, 2007
BREST , France

All is good. I have not had time to view or read many of the books/DVDs that I have received. I still have not gotten Baby Magic for Your Magic Baby. Thank you
Apr 07, 2007
Salida , U.S.A.

I loved the book and CD. Everything arrived timely and in good order. Many thanks and Namaste'.
Apr 06, 2007
Reisterstown , U.S.A.

I am only 16 weeks pregnant,I have not had a chance to use the Woman Health and Pregnancy(Book with CD ) yet-- I find CDs are difficult to incorporate into my life, so I am having problems finding a time to do so. Same with the Omkara Dhyana (Pregnancy CD)(CD), I have not had a chance to use it. I have, however, used the Heart to Heart-Connecting to your Baby Prenatal Yoga DVD(DVD), and I absolutely love it. It is a wonderful way to stretch and relax at the end of the day.
Mar 30, 2007
Charlotte , U.S.A.

Review not Provided.
Mar 17, 2007
Redondo Beach , U.S.A.

Review not Provided.
Mar 09, 2007
Yakima , U.S.A.

Review not Provided.
Feb 24, 2007
saratoga springs , U.S.A.

It was really good and am very satisfied with your prompt service and response. I look forward to buying/referring to my friends, your books in future too. Thanks
Jan 20, 2007
Bangkok , Thailand

Review not Provided.
Dec 27, 2006
Setauket , U.S.A.

Review not Provided.
Oct 14, 2006
jersey city , U.S.A.

Excellent. Product is very informative and service as usual is extremely rapid. thank you
Sep 03, 2006
TAKAKA , New Zealand

This guide is one of the most simplistic to follow and yet detailed enough to explore. Fantastic
Jul 31, 2006
Bristol , United Kingdom

The book is very helpful as a prenatal yoga teacher and very informative as a student of yoga. Thank you
Jul 14, 2006
new york , U.S.A.

Review not Provided.
May 28, 2006
Mount Vernon , U.S.A.

Review not Provided.
Apr 25, 2006
Leeds , U.S.A.

It is good information however the cd seemed to already be scratched and skips on the meditation. I thought maybe it was just mycd plaer but it looks like there are more than one scratches.
Apr 18, 2006
Pender Island , Canada

Review not Provided.
Apr 01, 2006
New York , U.S.A.

I received the maternity pillow but I did not receive the other items I ordered which were shipped separately. I received the pillow about 2 weeks ago, but have not received the yoga mat, pregnancy CD/other items yet. Can you track what happened to the other items.
Mar 06, 2006
FPO , U.S.A.

I received the book and CD, they are great help! Thank you, Ana.
Feb 16, 2006
Maliaño , Spain

I'm enjoying A Yoga Guide to Women's Health & Pregnancy. It's a great resource for the home when you can't get out for a class. The book is very straight forward. It has helped me with my pms and I look forward to seeing the improvements this month. There is a page in the book that hasn't been copied properly (pg.56). But other than that I find it a great resource. I have reccomended this book on my website along with MAFG! Thanks
Feb 06, 2006
Stratford , Canada

Review not Provided.
Jan 10, 2006
Miami , U.S.A.

I am very happy with the Yoga Pregnancy book I recieved. I did find the fregrance added to the envelope or book a little offensive. Possibly it is the fact that I am pregnant and I may be overly sensitive to odors. It's almost faded from the book now but when I first recieved it it maid me a little sick everytime I picked it up.
Dec 29, 2005
Lake Havasu City , U.S.A.

Only problem, I emailed the site to get information on Mother as Guru and received nothing back. I still would like to get a copy....... Lisa Egle
Nov 29, 2005
Norman , U.S.A.

Review not Provided.
Oct 20, 2005
Newalla , U.S.A.

Great to have access to pre natal Yoga info. Loved the meditations. Many thanks Carol
Oct 17, 2005
TAKAKA , New Zealand

Thank you for your inquiry. I am very pleased with the mat and the book. Karen Fentiman Inner Light Yoga Studio
Oct 05, 2005
Coldstream , Canada

Review not Provided.
Sep 30, 2005
Kirkland , U.S.A.

I am very pleased with my purchase and very excited about learning more about meditation both for health reasons and for connection to my unborn baby. I'm so glad I found your site! Thank you!
Sep 29, 2005
La Plata , U.S.A.

Review not Provided.
Sep 27, 2005
Providence , U.S.A.

I actually was looking for an e-mail address a couple of weeks ago the CD I recieved dose not work I'm not sure what is wrong with it but I would be more than happy to recieve a new one and I will send the other one back if you like. Thank You , Rachel Richardson
Sep 19, 2005
Kansas City , U.S.A.

I am a returning customer because I am pleased with the service.
Aug 10, 2005
Welcome , U.S.A.

Ireceived it, but unfortunately the cd is not working. I tried in many different players. I tried to sent a message to guruprem on the e-mail in the book but it came back to me like failure delivery. Please, the cd is very important material for me. Could you send me another one???? I could even pay for the shipping. Besides that, I've found the book very helpfull
Jul 04, 2005
Athens , U.S.A.

Disdappointed over the price for the quaility of product--cd sent not a dvd--too expenseive for the product = if price had been much less the procuct would have been ok
Jun 16, 2005
Copus Chrisi , U.S.A.

I love it!
May 23, 2005
Windsor , U.S.A.

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