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Jala Neti Salt 150 Packets

USD$  29.95

Product Details

There are several people who recommend certain kinds of salts claiming to have healthy minerals or even various kinds of additives including baking soda.You may call us conservative, but we believe that only Pure Salt should be used WITHOUT additives. While this is not to decry other recommendations, it is just that WE are not convinced on the long-term implications of any additive or chemical on the body. In fact, we even don't recommend table salts that are iodized.Salt has been used for centuries and shown to have tremendous benefits. For jala neti, we would recommend only Pure Salt - the purest you can get. It should contain no additives nor be iodized and should NOT have any anti caking agent.

Key Features
  • Pure salt 99.5% purity
  • No additives like iodine
  • Convenient single use sachets
  • Suitable for use with your SteloKleen neti pot
  • Economically priced
Rating Reviews

I greatly appreciate the convenience of the pre-measured Jala Neti salt packets.
Aug 08, 2018
Jennifer Dowler
Greensboro , United States

Prompt dispatch and delivery. Quality and unique products that are hard to find in the U.K. thanks
May 16, 2018
Jo Prakash
luton , United Kingdom

Jala Neti Salt packets from Health and are the best neti salt I have found. The salt never burns my sinuses, the premeasured packets are convenient and sanitary, and the price is great. I`ve used these for several years and highly recommend them!
Apr 14, 2018
Gillian Crane
Columbia , United States

Delivery to the USA was prompt. I`m a big fan of the neti salt packets from Health And Yoga.
Feb 15, 2018
Dean Housden
Jacksonville , United States

Great product and great price. Delivery as expected, if not before. (Wonderful stamps.) Thank you
Feb 15, 2018
Catherine Musker
LONDON , United Kingdom

Sep 01, 2017
Alpeshkumar Patel
udaipur , India

Great service, shipping times are vastly improved.
Aug 03, 2017
Frank Harter
Lehi , United States

Jul 23, 2017
240 swastik kunj
rohini , India

Very good product and packing is excellent, thanks
Jun 12, 2017
Thomas Kurian

May 10, 2017
Jatin Chimote
Margao , India

Item received in very good packing and in excellent condition.
May 06, 2017
Chennai , India

Box was damp and musty smell. Never had problems with delivery from you before. Actually afraid to use it due to the smell
Apr 25, 2017
Martha Kuehn
Terre Haute , -- Select Country --

Apr 05, 2017
George Mathew
Centennial , United States

Quick delivery.

Mar 18, 2017
vikram kuriyan
NOIDA , India

I have received the mala beads and other items. All the 3 mala beads are of great quality and the delivery was made well before my expectation.
Mar 06, 2017
Vikram Mall
Gurgaon , India

Everything is very good about H&Y, but only problem I face for each order is in the site when I do order tracking and enter my details, it always shows some error. Even 2 days after the order and even now when I have received the package. Always have to call and follow up for tracking no. Even if sending out the package and getting a tracking no. takes some time, the same can be communicated in that page.
Jan 06, 2017
Mahesh S
Navi Mumbai , India

Product received on time and as ordered. Best salt!
Jan 05, 2017
Ann Kartchner
Carlsbad , United States

Order arrived on time. Product is what I expected and since I ran out of salt, I started using it right away.
Dec 08, 2016
HONOLULU , United States

Product was exactly as described and arrived promptly.
Nov 13, 2016
GB Baber
Atlanta , United States

Review not Provided.
Nov 10, 2016
Newdelhi , India

Order before this one packets leaked salt from packets like glue was problem this order looked like a tank run over it but the product is great!!!!
Oct 26, 2016
Dale Hoyt
Saint John , Canada

I`ve been using your Neti Salt for quite sometime. I really liked the package and ease of use.
Oct 03, 2016
Sivachandran P.
Chennai , India

Very good products and timely delivery always
Sep 27, 2016
muneesh garg
mumbai , India

Good quality. Much better price than local product.
Aug 22, 2016
Frank Harter
Lehi , United States

Jul 28, 2016
Ramneek NG
Delhi , India

Excellent service. I have purchased several items from health and yoga over the years and I am always very happy with the transaction, customer service and the products. Thank you!
Jul 16, 2016

, -- Select Country --

Thanks. Consider selling on Amazon also.
Jul 05, 2016
Shantanu Shah
Bangalore , India

Jun 28, 2016
Ranjeev K
Bangalore , India

May 02, 2016
ajay bhargava
ahmedabad , India

Good product and satisfied with packing and shipping also
Jan 11, 2016
Shantanu Shah
Bangalore , India

All great!
Dec 17, 2015
James Rabe
Naperville , United States

I love your product and it works perfect. Only problem was in the delivery. It took a long time to get here and I had to go pick it up at the post office as we were not home when they first tried to deliver. I would like a few more options on how the package can be delivered. There were only two choices and they were both expensive. Maybe a few more choices on delivery would be helpful.
Nov 30, 2015
Mark Friedgen
Woodland Hills , United States

Always good service, thank you.
Oct 14, 2015
Frank Harter
Lehi , United States

My order of 150 saline packets has arrived. Carol J. Ulrich
Jul 26, 2015
Carol J. Ulrich
Dorsey , United States

I bought many times your Jala Neti salt and always was happy. Unfortunately this time the bags contained the salt were broken and salt was around. Think the bags you are using now are much lighter and easy to brake.

Antonio Sciolis
Jul 21, 2015
Antonio Sciolis
Los Angeles , United States

Excellent product - free of additives and most convenient form of Neti Pot salt.
May 18, 2015
GB Baber
Atlanta , United States

Package was damaged when received, but contents were undamaged.
Mar 30, 2015
Johnny Foley
St. John`s , Canada

Mar 09, 2015
chennai , India

Review not Provided.
Dec 23, 2014
Richard W Holeman
Fairfield , United States

i use salt daily
thank you
milton bunning
Oct 09, 2014
milton bunning
thirlmere , Australia

the products I purchased were #1 as have used before salt is the best.
Oct 08, 2014
Dale Hoyt
Saint John , Canada

Review not Provided.
Oct 08, 2014
Marcy Lipscomb
Powder Springs , -- Select Country --

Review not Provided.
Aug 06, 2014
San Diego , United States

Happy again as usual.
Aug 06, 2014
julie kovich
Tierra Verde , United States

Your salt is the best. I tried another brand and it burns my nostrils.
Jul 07, 2014
Ann Kartchner
Carlsbad , United States

Products are great! Thanks!
Apr 09, 2014
James Rabe
Naperville , United States

Great product. Received promptly with no hassle.
Mar 21, 2014
Edward Mateyka
Northport , United States

Review not Provided.
Mar 16, 2014
Los Angeles , United States

VERY satisfied with their products and service
Mar 16, 2014
Joel Landis
LAGUNA WOODS , United States

Thank you for supporting my well being! Easy ordering of great products and quick shipping.

Feb 03, 2014
Steve Hennings
Asheboro , United States

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