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Basil Tea (Tulsi Tea)

USD$  12.95

Product Details

Basil Tea is a pure herbal blend of rare Tulsi varieties. It is made of leaves and blossoms of Indian basil grown organically. The tea is grown and packaged following international regulations to ensure maximum freshness, flavour and health benefits.

This tea is a 100% pure. It is 100% Caffeine Free and 100% Chemical Free.

Basil tea is known for its rejuvenation and health providing benefits. It has no side effects and may help to reduce the ill effects of many Western medicines. It is beneficial for people of all ages.

Key Features
  • Contains 3 varieties Indian Basil
  • 100% herbal; Chemical free
  • Caffeine Free
  • Organic Certified
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Suitable for colds and throat infections
  • Builds Immunity & Stress Relief
Rating Reviews

Thulasi tea was excellent !!!
Jul 15, 2016
IRVING , United States

I just like the customer service, it is superb. Not forgetting the speedy delivery, i got my parcel very fast.
Mar 26, 2016
Caroline chikwane
lusaka , Zambia

Great service and fantastic products!
Dec 30, 2015
R. Keating
Toronto , Canada

I loved everything!
Mar 14, 2014
Alisa Vasserman
Almaty , Kazakhstan

I have bought these products before and work excellent.
Aug 12, 2013
yvan desforges
westminster , United States

Everything else is great.
Jul 19, 2013
alfred morber
morganton , United States

I have enjoyed everything ! I also appreciate getting free items :). Thank you!
Jan 28, 2013
Kara Vander Molen
Ankeny , United States

Thank you, it arrived completely safely and quickly (I think I already sent an evaluation but I am not sure !).
Very happy to have found a way to buy Basil Tea outside India.
Best wishes.
Ninon J. Lagrange
Dec 12, 2011
Lagrange Janine
Carouge , Switzerland

Thank you for my order. I received it in a timely fashion and I am very pleased with the product. Again thank you and have a wonderful day.
Aug 01, 2011
Deborah McCabe
Zalma , United States

Your service was great and I am enjoying my Tulsi Tea, Thank you, Annie
Mar 07, 2011
Richland Center , United States

I love the Tulsi tea, and the Neti pot. I feel better to use a stainless steel Neti rather than plastic Netis.
Apr 19, 2010
CALGARY , Canada

Received. Thank you. Look forward to trying these new products.
Apr 16, 2010
Selah , United States

wonderful tea, shared one tin with my daughter. very relaxing
Apr 11, 2010
tampa , United States

Hello, I received my order and am well pleased with it. Thank you.

Charles W. Johnson
Apr 05, 2010
Cairo , United States

The tulsi tea is delicious and I look forward to enjoying it every day.

So far, I haven`t tried the drops for stomach upsets but think it should work well when I need then.

Sharon Rose
Mar 22, 2010
Palm Desert , United States

I received the products I ordered a week after I ordered it online. I was so excited to use this stuff, but unfortunately I think I might be allergic to it. The neem cream after using it for 4 days straight (in the morning and night), I broke out with a rash on my face that itched like crazy. I stopped using the Neem Crean and it went away after 2 or 3 days. The tea takes a bit getting used to and after 4 days of drinking it morning and night, I couldn`t get used to it so I stopped drinking it. The Skin aura feels good on the face but I noticed that my face would get itchy again so I don`t use it anymore either.
Feb 16, 2010
granada hills , United States

I love the tea. It has such a mild, smooth taste. I haven`t been drinking it long enough yet to notice any physical changes. I hope to see my cholesterol lowered. I shared some with a friend and she liked the taste too.
Jan 09, 2010
Arbor Vitae , United States

I love the tea and the tooth paste of which I shall order more. It makes me mouth feel very clean and fresh.
Thank you,
Dec 27, 2009
baltimore , United States

dear health and yoga>i have in fact received the ordered tea. ( i thought i had confirmed
earlier) although i have not used any tea yet
because of other product, i will get back to you when i use> stan
Dec 21, 2009
huntingdon , United States

I received my order very quickly. The Herbodent toothpaste is the best I have ever used. This was my second order. The tulsi tea is also very good. Great service and great Product!!
Aug 13, 2009
Fullerton , United States

Everything arrived in perfect condition and in a timely manner. The tea is fabulous! Thank you!
Apr 09, 2009
Blue Springs , United States

Mar 20, 2009
BROOKLYN , United States

very well satisfied with product, service and delivery.
Mar 15, 2009
Kenna , United States

Thank you for your prompt and excellant service.
it is a pleasure do business with you since you carry all good products.

Dec 24, 2008
Banff , Canada

Your service great! Each time I have ordered something from you, I have received it within a few days time. Also I have been very pleased with the products I have ordered and intend to place future orders.
Oct 27, 2008
Cary Plt. , United States

The delivery was earlier than expected and the tea is great. I will purchase again for future gifts. Thank you
Sep 24, 2008
Monrovia , United States

Quality products, kind & reliable service, fair pricing and lightning fast delivery - you keep your promises and I keep the faith.
Thank you.

Kind regards

Sep 14, 2008
Babenhausen , Germany

Excellent products and delivery.The Packet was very- well wrapped.
Fennel seed are working very well. Can you please tell me how I can use the oil - Herbal Amritdhara?
Jun 27, 2008
Miami , United States

I say okay because I am happy with the Tulsi tea but was not happy with the salt packets. Maybe it is too much salt in the packet or maybe there needs to be a little sodium bicarb in the packet. I did try using 1/2 packet but still have the burning and stinging. I have use Nelimed prior to ordering these salt packets. The Nelimed never stings or burns.
I am still interested in purchasing a yoga mat but you have not had them in stock.
May 22, 2008
sewickley , United States

The service you provided was exceptional. It is a pleasure doing business with you! Do you ship directly to APO addresses? The order I placed was sent to another country and it would be very efficient to ship directly. You have gained my trust and have provided a great opportunity for a service member to value your products and wisdom during these difficult times.
Paula Morrow
May 06, 2008
Plano , United States

The parcel has arrived safely and in good conditions. But we are surprised about the price because we found other sources of purchasing this tea next time at a much better price. Sorry. Regards. B. & N. Lagrange
Apr 26, 2008
Carouge , Switzerland

I love the neti pot. The week I received it I caught a cold and I honestly feel that using the neti pot helped in getting rid of what I considered potential sinus infection "matter".
The tea is very good. I am not sure about the skin auro paste yet. The tongue cleaner is alright not to impressed. I have not used the enema equipment yet.
Feb 15, 2008
Arlington , United States

I love this organic green tea. They have very good taste. I gave some to my friend to try it. My friend told me that she lost 12 pounds after she is drinking this green tea everyday. I believe organic green tea good for people who is planning to lose some weight and stay health. Try it. They are good for you.
Jan 05, 2008
Manchester , United States

I have indeed received my tulsi tea. Thank you for your quick and efficient service! The tea is very good. I did notice that the tin dated to expire in Aug 2008 was not as tasty or strong as the tin due to expire in May 2009. If I order again, i wonder if I could request the fresher tins?

Thank you again for your wonderful service!

Dec 26, 2007
Toronto , Canada

Products were received and delivered within a reasonable time. Products are of good quality. Thank you.
Dec 14, 2007
Los Angeles , U.S.A.

Everything arrived wonderfully perfect.
Nov 19, 2007
Los Angeles , United States

Oct 09, 2007
West Reading , U.S.A.

received it - still deciding - thanks for asking ! :-)
Sep 05, 2007
grand island , U.S.A.

The Tulsi tea was delicious, however, I had a terrible headache the rest of the day. Is this a possible reaction? I'm not an allergic personality normally.
Jul 18, 2007
Elko , U.S.A.

My sister has a terminal illness and she experiences a terrible taste in her mouth and tongue plaque.Nothing seems to help.The metal tongue scraper is a lifesaver for her!Thank-you!!The toothpaste color is a bit freeky,no big deal, your products are special. Thanks again! Deb
May 18, 2007
Cumberland , U.S.A.

Received items very quickly and have enjoyed them very much! Love the yoga sandals!!!!
May 02, 2007
Hemingford , U.S.A.

I am enjoying the tea.
May 02, 2007
Cumberland , U.S.A.

Love the tea. Can't beat the price of the incense. Thankyou and plan to do more business with you. Linz
Apr 08, 2007
Encinitas , U.S.A.

Great products
Dec 30, 2006
Novato , U.S.A.

The Tulsi tea was very good, although not as good as fresh leaves, it seemed quite effective against colds and flu. How do you dry the herbs? Is it dried under the sun? The price is on the higher side, but overall I'm quite satisfied with all the products that I ordered.
Dec 28, 2006
Houston , U.S.A.

Soon after I started drinking your tea, I started having heart palpatations. There are only 2 new things I added to my diet; your tea and a naturopathic pill. I eliminated your tea first (as I know I get palpatations from Ginsing..but yours is supposed to be a calming tea) and then I eliminated the naturopathic drug. I haven't had any palpatations in 3 days now and I'm hesitant to try the tea again. Can you tell me if there is anything in the ingredients that could cause the irregular heart beat? Thank you.
Nov 13, 2006
boise , U.S.A.

great and effeicient service as usual
Oct 10, 2006

Review not Provided.
Aug 25, 2006
Newport News , U.S.A.

I received my purchase sooner than expected. thank you...
Jul 21, 2006
Fair Oaks , U.S.A.

your service is quick and efficient. Great job!!!
Jun 20, 2006

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