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Ginger Tea

USD$  13.95

Product Details

Tulsi Ginger tea is 100% pure herbal tea. It combines the powerful benefits of Indian ginger with the rarest of Indian basil varieties. The tea is grown and packaged following international regulations to ensure maximum freshness, flavour and health benefits.

This tea is a 100% pure. It is 100% Caffeine Free and 100% Chemical Free.
Basil Ginger Tea is good for the immune system and is also a rich and rare source of natural antioxidants.

Key Features
  • Contains Ginger and Indian Basil
  • 100% herbal
  • Caffeine Free
  • Organic Certified
  • Rejuvenative and anti Spasmodic
  • Helps reduce nausea
Rating Reviews

Received the products in good condition.
Jul 13, 2016
Sonu Bulusu
Mumbai , India

service very good. ginger tea very nice & tasty
Nov 19, 2014
milton bunning
thirlmere , Australia

The sandal cream is best moisturizer and itchy skin treatment that i have used so far. I love it. Th e ginger tea is very soothing and i enjoy a cup every night.
Jan 15, 2014
charlotte guertin
Frederick , United States

Great products!
Oct 11, 2013
Jack Tokarczyk
Forest Hills , United States

I have bought these products before and work excellent.
Aug 12, 2013
yvan desforges
westminster , United States

This tea is wonderful, which is the reason I bought a half-dozen more canisters of it. I gifted some to my sisters and they love it, too.
I discovered last night that the "left-over"
cooled tea is YUMMY in a smoothie. Great stuff.
Apr 19, 2013
Ellen Savage
Chinook , United States

So happy with all the products and service, but a little thrown off by the way the package was so severely banged up. I guess that`s from the very long transit. Some contents banged up too like the tea can dented and neem powder leaking some. But other than that very satisfied.
Apr 03, 2013
kimberly willingham
chatsworth , United States I sit enjoying my pot of tea! Very lovely flavor, taste, smell - I am so glad I came upon this!
Mar 18, 2013
Ellen Savage
Chinook , United States

I would give this Ginger Tea 4 1/2 stars. It does not come in a bag so I purchased unchlorinated tea bags at a local store. The quality is very impressive and really seems to reduce inflammation and gives me additional energy too (but that`s just me!). The price does seem to be a little high under $10 such as $9.95 would make me give this tea 5 stars. Oh yeah, my can arrived dented so I did contact Customer Service who did respond to me in a timely fashion. This item shipped from overseas to the US.
Dec 30, 2012
Denise Wysincavage
, United States

The delivery was very quick and perfect, so thank you :-)
Mar 12, 2012
Veronique Janssen
Brasschaat , Belgium

I very much appreciate not only your wonderful products, but also your commitment to getting them to me in a timely way. Thank you!
Jan 06, 2012
Estes Park , United States

received everything. thanks
Aug 24, 2011
Nadezhda Wilhelm
New York , United States

This is the first time I bought from this website and I was 100 percent satisfied with promptness of delivery and quality of product.
Jun 08, 2011
Cranston , United States

Decent delivery time and great products! I`ll be ordering more.
Feb 02, 2011
Yakima , United States

I enjoy the tea everyday
The toothpaste has made brushing a pleasure
The salts are useful and effective
Dec 14, 2009
CALGARY , Canada

very happy with my order, thank you.
Oct 21, 2009
Stamford , United States

Product received & enjoy tea very much. Wish came in bags, be less mess to deal with.
Taste & flavor smooth and refreshing.
Jul 03, 2009
Clute , United States

I received everything in quick order. The Ginger tea (Tulsi) was tasty and soothing. Have not used the other products yet. Thankyou for a good experience.
May 23, 2009
Paradise , United States

Everything arrived in perfect condition and in a timely manner. The tea is fabulous! Thank you!
Apr 09, 2009
Blue Springs , United States

the products were wonderful and I received my items quickly. Rosemary Curley
Mar 31, 2009
Hackettstown , United States

quality products at a good price
Mar 16, 2009
manchaca , United States

Review not Provided.
Jan 13, 2009
Brooklyn , United States

Thank you for your prompt and excellant service.
it is a pleasure do business with you since you carry all good products.

Dec 24, 2008
Banff , Canada

Excellent products and delivery.The Packet was very- well wrapped.
Jun 27, 2008
Miami , United States

All purchases that I`ve made with you have been fabulous. Your website is user friendly and I my order is promptly received. It is a joy to order from your company. I truly love the products that you carry.
May 05, 2008

Everything excellent as always thanks!
Mar 05, 2008

On the purchase you refer to I am completely satisfied. On the order I placed before this one however 86828 I still have recieved no further information other than this missing order would be looked into. which I hope to hear something soon since it has been paid for.
Please contact me A.S.A.P with information on 86828 I would like to have what I paid for
Thank You for your prompt Attention Joe K
Feb 15, 2008
Pleasant Hill , United States

I love the neti pot. The week I received it I caught a cold and I honestly feel that using the neti pot helped in getting rid of what I considered potential sinus infection "matter".
The tea is very good. I am not sure about the skin auro paste yet. The tongue cleaner is alright not to impressed. I have not used the enema equipment yet.
Feb 15, 2008
Arlington , United States

I have received the order. I am well pleased with all the products that I ordered, thank you very much. Marcus Hicks
Dec 17, 2007
Pleasant Plains , U.S.A.

Fair prices, great products, fast service.
Nov 26, 2007
Christiana , U.S.A.

I am very pleased with the products ordered from you. I will be ordering the products again. I'm am sorry for not responding earlier. . . life has been hectic. . .Thank you. Boni
Nov 05, 2007
Brownsburg , United States

Awesome once again!! Thanks and I WILL be back! Lisa
Nov 05, 2007
Coldwater , U.S.A.

Recd products and am enjoying using them.
Oct 26, 2007
Hattiesburg , United States

It was delivered in a timely matter. Thank you for wanting feedback. That tells me that your company cares. I enjoy the tea and believe that drinking tea is very important. Thanks again.
Oct 08, 2007
Georgetown , U.S.A.

Hi! Your friendly status updates were very nice. The toothpaste is very good and I will order more of it. The tea is good too but not my favorite. Don
May 02, 2007
Jackson , U.S.A.

All is good. I have not had time to view or read many of the books/DVDs that I have received. I still have not gotten Baby Magic for Your Magic Baby. Thank you
Apr 07, 2007
Salida , U.S.A.

Apr 04, 2007

I received the products right on time and the products are great. Bought the tea for a friend but the toothpaste was for me love it. Very fresh and minty. Can't wait to try your other products. I am definitely going to be your repeat customer
Mar 14, 2007
millbrae , U.S.A.

Review not Provided.
Jan 31, 2007
166 2nd ave 4k , U.S.A.

I am very pleased with my experience with your Company. I was not much of a tea drinker, however,I have some health issues and I do very much like the ginger tea. Thank you
Jan 13, 2007
Ramsey , U.S.A.

The Tulsi tea was very good, although not as good as fresh leaves, it seemed quite effective against colds and flu. How do you dry the herbs? Is it dried under the sun? The price is on the higher side, but overall I'm quite satisfied with all the products that I ordered.
Dec 28, 2006
Houston , U.S.A.

Review not Provided.
Dec 11, 2006
New York , U.S.A.

Excellent tea-very fast service. I enjoy it very much. Thank You, Janet Alman
Dec 02, 2006
Caledonia , U.S.A.

Everything was fine.
Nov 06, 2006
Racine , U.S.A.

Excellent products and service. Very fast shipping. Many thanks!!
Nov 06, 2006
Belfast , U.S.A.

The delivery was quick and I was very satisfied with the products - thank you.
Oct 07, 2006
Nelson , New Zealand

I am so pleased with your products and service! I have bought Neti pots for my son and daughter, and they are both delighted with them. The toothpaste is phenomenal! Since my husband and I have been using your toothpaste, our checkups have been great. I am taking a tube of the toothpaste to my dentist next week. He thinks we should import it by the boat load! Thanks again. I'm a very satisfied customer.
Jul 05, 2006
Bartlesville , U.S.A.

Review not Provided.
Jun 16, 2006
Laramie , U.S.A.

Everything arrived and I am very happy with the products I ordered. Thanks you.
Apr 20, 2006
Iqaluit , Canada

I am savoring a hot cup of Tulsi Ginger tea right now. It's flavor is so pleasurable it is difficult to believe it is also so good for you. Thanks for a great tea break. Sincerely, M. Winburn
Mar 25, 2006
La Grande , U.S.A.

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