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Enlist yourself for the Drop-Shipment Program AND showcase your products on the leading yoga shop on the WWW.

We believe, every vendor has his Specialty or Core product and the Internet now makes it possible for this small vendor to reach his product to a customer in any corner of the world.

Unfortunately, many good vendors cannot sell their specialty due to lack of access to a marketplace frequented by a substantially large number of targeted customers. If at all they have access, then either the marketplace is terribly overcrowded or the listing fees makes their product unviable.

Most importantly, almost all such marketplaces are extremely diversified with products ranging from toys to jewelry - not really useful for someone into yoga and natural health products!

The MarketPlace Drop Shipment Program changes all that. We recognize the worth of the smallest vendor and provide a full opportunity for him to access a large target market WITHOUT any listing fee.

Over the past several years has emerged as the leading Yoga and Natural Health Shop on the entire Internet with several thousands of customers.

Today, it is one of the most popular destinations on the Internet in its category; with a visitor count exceeding 14,000 visitors every SINGLE day translating to over 350,000 hits everyday.

Our success has been made possible by our customers AND vendors alike, who have appreciated our sincerity and dedication.

What is the Drop Shipment Program?

To address broadly, how the drop shipment works:

We sell YOUR products on our website with our online ordering system.

A customer orders on our website at the retail price. When he does so, we pass on this order to you (at the back-end).

You receive the order, make out the invoice and address label, and then dispatch the order directly to the customer.

As WE have received the payment from the customer, we send you a corresponding payment (which is the wholesale price of the item or a mutually agreed price) PLUS the shipping cost incurred by you so that you get paid for what you send.

This is the broad outline of how it works. As you can see it is a win-win situation for all. We do not end up carrying a stock while putting all our efforts into promoting your product among our large user base.

I may add, that the advantage of a relationship with us is a tremendous 'targeted' exposure to a WORLDWIDE audience.

Testimonial # 1

" I would like to compliment the management team at Health and Yoga for doing a wonderful job in being a partner in sales for my company, The Soular Energy Company which sells Chakra-tees. They are prompt and accurate in monthly payments, always so gracious in their communications and have listened and acted immediately upon suggestions and requests by my company.

I have truly benefited financially from being a partner with Health and Yoga and am pleased with every aspect of working together with them to help our businesses grow. "

Blair Van Brunt,
Proprietor, The Soular Energy Company

Testimonial # 2

" I wanted to write a note to you today to say "Thank You" for our partnership. Our drop shipment arrangement, has been a very positive experience. You and your team work well with us to establish the exchange of information our two companies need to serve your customers best. If any issues arise, they have been resolved quickly and professionally. When we come to an understanding about new arrangements or marketing ideas, you have always followed through. We appreciate the new business Health and Yoga has provided to us and we look forward to much continued success! "

Leslie Ottavi,
Chakra Productions, LLC
Phone (650)685-8835

Testimonial # 3
" Working with has been a great experience, they are an efficient and friendly team, and working with them gives us a chance to get our products out to a wide audience. "

Cari Buck,
YogaFit Training Systems
888-786-3111 x229

Where will my product be listed?

Your product will be listed in the HealthAndYoga Marketplace

Under certain circumstances depending on product uniqueness, sale prospects, your price to us etc., we may also additionally represent your product strategically across the website to maximize sales of your product.

Are there any listing costs?

There are no listing costs. There is, however, a selection of which products we would display.

Factors would depend on your price to us, the product itself, the Shipping costs and other factors including how well it fits in for targeting to Yoga and Natural Health customers.

Once you Sign up, we will be in touch with you before your product actually goes online.

How will the drop-shipment process be managed?

We have a well-developed web-based management interface, through which all orders for your product are communicated to you. This interface has specifically been designed to minimize administration for you and us. You will automatically be provided access to it once you are accepted into the program.

You can login to this interface with your password (chosen at the time of sign up). Here you will automatically be able to view all your past and present orders. For present orders, the packing slip and address label will automatically be generated for you, so all you have to do is take the printout, stick it on the parcel and ship. That's it!

You are automatically alerted by email once we receive an order. You just have to login,
take the printout of the order details and fulfill the order.

Once you dispatch the order, just fill in the tracking # of the parcel (on the web based interface itself), the process is completed.

At this point of time, specially if you are new to drop-shipment, you may be having some questions. We have tried to answer most of these in the Drop Shipment FAQs. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us from the link at the bottom of this page.

Testimonial # 4

" I am grateful to be included in your company through the sale of my video in Spanish. Your prompt payment, work ethics, communication and relationship with my small business made me realized that when a company is run by honest and good people, it does not matter how big or small you are as a company, you are still treated with honesty and respect."

Natalie Stawsky

Testimonial # 5

" has been marketing and selling my book and CDs, How to Meditate Using Chakras, Mantras, and Breath. They have done a wonderful job, making fulfillment of orders easy and clear. Their website is excellent with a lot of good information and products. They have always been on time with payments and their communication with me is timely and helpful. I can recommend this organization to vendors, authors, and consumers without hesitation and I look forward to my continuing association with them."

Dennis K. Chernin,

Testimonial # 6
" has been a benefit to us here are and we appreciate working with them."

Ben Frederiksen
Beech Sandal Co LLC

If you are completely ready, we invite you to sign up to explore a mutually beneficial relationship.

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