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Padmini Brindavan 70 Sticks Pack
MarketPlace Home > Meditation Aids > Incense > Padmini Brindavan 70 Sticks Pack
Padmini Brindavan 70 Sticks Pack
Padmini Brindavan 70 Sticks Pack

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Incense sticks are the best tools to calm the mind and providing relief from stress. The incense creates a peaceful ambience and helps a person to slow down, sit and relax. The very act of lighting incense and watching the smoke curl upwards gives a sense of relief and a connection with the Divine. If you are able to discern the right fragrance for yourself, it shall enhance the pleasing and peaceful effect.

But one must be cautious about the quality of incense used. Incense sticks made of punk wood or perfumed may cause allergic reactions or nasal irritation.

Just like each mind and individual is different so will be your fragrance. Efforts to categorize fragrances to definite emotions are at best subjective. Choose the fragrance that you like. You may even like more then one fragrance depending on your moods, situations and different times of the day.

Full Sized Incense Sticks
These are available in a range of over 50 fragrances. Each packet contains approx. 20 sticks of about 21 cm length. The sticks are hand rolled and made of natural ingredients - blended using flowers, roots, herbs and woods. These sticks are non-toxic and not made of punk wood.

The sticks are packed in hand made paper that is decorated with natural dried flowers.

The fragrances available are- Nag Champa, Musk , Opium, Myrrh, Tuberose, Rosemary, Magnolia, Gardenia, Orange-Blossom, Pine, Amber, Cedar, Vanilla, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Lily of the valley, Oriental-Bouquet, Rose, Padmini-Brindavan, Africa-Violet and many more.

You may go for the Incense Sample Kit to be able to decide upon your fragrance.

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Please allow 3 to 10 business days for delivery.
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"Loved everything I purchased and received. "

10 Mar,2016

from Chicago , United States


"Love the incense and lightning fast international delivery! Have bought from you before. Would not consider buying my incense from any company but yours! "

27 Nov,2015

from Kingfisher , United States


"incense fresh and stable - very good
Thank you "

07 Jan,2015

from , -- Select Country --


"Review not Provided. "

08 Oct,2014

from Los Angeles , United States


"Review not Provided. "

23 Dec,2013

from Emporia , United States
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