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Apparel Tape – Clothes Fastening Tape
MarketPlace Home > Women`s Health & Pregnancy > Personal Care > Apparel Tape – Clothes Fastening Tape
Apparel Tape – Clothes Fastening Tape
Apparel Tape – Clothes Fastening Tape
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Product Price :   USD$ 12.95
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Product Features :

While the Don''''t Come Undone ™ Apparel tape is very suitable for all women, especially those looking for good grooming such as models and women exploring different clothing, it is especially useful during pregnancy too.

This wonderful transparent clothes tape, prevents clothes from stretching out to reveal the inside, which can be quite embarrassing.
Whether you want to conceal the bra tape OR keep undergarments out of sight as you bend, or then keep fast a loose fitting top, this apparel tape will be very useful.

Pregnancy is a time of changing body shape. This makes you particularly vulnerable to ''''exposure'''' such as opening blouse fronts.

"I am pregnant & with a new size every two weeks it creates a "weighty" little problem: Blouse fronts gap, new bra straps slip, t-shirts ride up and pant waists slide down - solves every problem in a second."
Puja, Mumbai

This double sided apparel tape will keep your clothes stuck together, to prevent these revelations.

It is very useful for women experimenting with their clothing such as strapless tops, spaghetti straps as well as to hold up stockings etc.

Flexible, light weight, transparent and resistant to both heat and moisture - makes it a very useful wardrobe item for women. It is very easy to use and is suitable even for fine fabric, making it a necessity for every woman.

Simply remove the backing from one side; press to stick either on oil-free skin OR the fabric. Then remove the backing on the other side (of this double-stick tape), pull and stick the fabric to be secured on this other side. That''''s it, you are secured!

...A must for every woman''''s wardrobe!!

  • Hypoallergenic Apparel Tape
  • Each box contains: 6 small strips, 6 large strips and 10 dots
  • Double side stick facility - for both skin & clothes
  • Suitable for Clothing during Pregnancy
  • Invisible and impossible to detect
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Very comfortable - Sweat and water proof
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