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Tongue Cleaner
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Tongue Cleaner

Product Price :   USD$ 4.95
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Product Features :

The H&Y Tongue Cleaner is made of pure and unalloyed element- Copper. Copper tongue cleaners are time tested to keep away tongue diseases. It has a good flexibility ensuring proper cleaning of the tongue without any cuts and nicks..

It is more effective in removal of mucous, bacteria and debris from the tongue than any tooth brush. This results in better hygiene and prevents bad breath. It can be used with terrific ease, safety and efficiency.
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Please allow 3 to 10 business days for delivery.
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Latest Reviews / Rating

   Good product

"Really good"

18 Jun,2018

from ,


"I have been using the stainless steel neti pot and the copper tongue cleaner from for years. Recently decided I wanted a second neti pot for travel. The H&Y neti pot keeps being improved... this new one has a slightly bigger capacity than my older one, which I appreciate. The tongue cleaners last a long time, but it is always good to have extras on hand, since they eventually break from metal fatigue (but that`s normal). The order arrived very quickly, considering it was shipped to the US from India. Thanks, Health and Yoga! "

28 Dec,2017

from Kingston , United States


"I am very satisfied with the products I have purchased. It is always a pleasure to shop at H&Y. Speedy delivery and wonderful products. Very professional! "

09 Sep,2017

from Asker , Norway


"I love your product, I ordered in bulk so that I could share with family members and friends. Your product is the best available and I will continue to order as needed. Your shipping was fast and on time. Thank you "

18 Jan,2017

from Plymouth , United States


"The shipping was strict. Requiring a signature was too much. "

10 Jan,2017

from Greenville , United States
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