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Flaxseed-Filled Eye Pillows
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Flaxseed-Filled Eye Pillows
Flaxseed-Filled Eye Pillows

Product Price :   USD$ 9.95
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Product Features :

The Flaxseed Eye Pillows provide comfort and relaxation to tired eyes in a natural way.

Simply lie in a reclining position and place the pillow across your eyes with eyes gently shut. Allow the relaxation to grow as you experience the gentle weight around.

The pillow contains flaxseeds and lavender flowers.

The quantity of flax seed filled in the pillow is determined to provide the right amount of gentle pressure around your eyes to stimulate the relaxation. Flax seed by its very nature allows the pillow to adjust to the contours around your eyes, eyebrows and forehead giving a snug feel. This snug feel also provides a comforting darkness to your tired eyes.

Lavender flowers’ fragrance is documented in aromatherapy for its soothing properties that simulate tranquility and relaxation. This adds to the relaxation properties of your eye pillow.

The eye pillows come with washable soft-cotton covers and in a range of colors at a fantastic price - the hallmark of all Health and Yoga products.
These pillows are eco-friendly and economical too.   More Details
Please allow 3 to 10 business days for delivery.
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"Excellent products! "

05 Apr,2016

from Santa Cruz , United States


"Review not Provided. "

13 Feb,2015

from Seka , Thailand


"I love my purchase. The best prices have found "

03 Jul,2014

from Darlington , United States


"Good quality, fast delivery. As usual. "

21 Feb,2014

from Wiltz , Luxembourg


"It was very fast delivery, thank you very much. "

19 Jun,2012

from , Finland
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