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Gifts of Your Soul 2 CD Set
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Gifts of Your Soul 2 CD Set
Gifts of Your Soul 2 CD Set
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Product Features :

4 meditations on 2 CDs by Pamela Arwine teach you to manifest your heart''''''''s desire. "Manifestation Pre-Process" (14 min) cleanses you of the conflicting patterns, core beliefs, fixed opinions and expectations which block you from achieving your goals. "You Deserve the Best" (33 min) assists you to clarify what you want, go for it consciously, visualize it, ground it, feel it, experience it, and be grateful for it. In other words, make it real! "Surrender to Your Soul" (42 min) invites the highest aspects of your soul to release resistance to receiving what you want, freeing you to experience your creative force. What may be quite daunting to your personality may be a simple task for your multi-dimensional soul. "Gifts of Your Soul" (35 min) invites the powerful creative force of your soul to travel the cosmos creating what you most desire. This is brought back to you for acceptance, integration and gratitude.   
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