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Spike Acupressure Mat
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Spike Acupressure Mat
Spike Acupressure Mat

Product Price :   USD$ 19.95
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The Spike Acupressure mat, also called as the Nail Mat, Shakti Mat or then, just a Spike Mat – refer to the same kind of mat.

These mats are NOT Yoga Mats but more of relaxation mats or mats to just “be upon” for a few minutes daily.

They are cotton mats with bunches of nylon or plastic spikes fixed on them. You are supposed to gently ease your weight on the mats while the spikes stimulate the nerve endings on your body. As they do so, they stimulate the skin and secretion of the hormone, oxytocin which is said to be a relaxing hormone.

Amazingly popular the world over (it is believed, one in every sixth person in Sweden has got one!) it is put to daily use to relieve, stress, pain, tension and insomnia.   More Details
Please allow 3 to 10 business days for delivery.
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Latest Reviews / Rating


"The price as per the product should be lesser. It is bit exorbitantly priced. "

05 Dec,2017

from Gurgaon , India


" "

04 Jan,2017

from Bangalore , India


"This is the second mat I have bought on recommendation from a friend. I use one for work desk and one for car seat, now one more for yoga practice? Praksini is very helpful and the service is smooth and quick. "

02 Apr,2013

from Cheltenham , Australia
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