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AaChaar Instant Multi Purpose NonToxic Natural Cleaning Mix
MarketPlace Home > Lifestyle > Personal Care > AaChaar Instant Multi Purpose NonToxic Natural Cleaning Mix
AaChaar Instant Multi Purpose NonToxic Natural Cleaning Mix
AaChaar Instant Multi Purpose NonToxic Natural Cleaning Mix
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Product Features :

Convenience without Compromise - We have effectively combined convenience and natural goodness in easy to use single packs without compromising quality and performance. Our non toxic cleaner concentrate comes in FDA approved medical grade tubing packs of 3 ml each and is formulated for daily use to safely clean all washable non porous surfaces.

GREAT VALUE! Makes 3 - 32 Fl.OZ. for a total of 96 Fl.OZ. (0.75 Gallons). All you need is water and a spray bottle.

Proudly "MADE IN THE USA" with Saponified Organic Oils of Coconut, Olive, Jojoba and a Custom Blend of Natural Essential Oils, Rosemary Extract Preservative and Organic Aloe Vera.

Shiny granite, kitchen and table counter tops, appliances, microwave (in & out), refrigerator (in & out), stove tops, cleaner toys, high chairs, kids furniture, non porous tiles, floors, laminates, yoga mats, bath tubs, pet areas, streak free glass, mirrors, car interior are just a few of the many joyful outcomes that you will be proud of after daily use of our nontoxic natural cleaning mix when used as per the directions listed on the package.

It replaces many of your daily conventional toxic cleaning products. Safe to handle and is people, pet and planet friendly.

Directions for use on all washable surfaces:

1. Fill a clean 32 fl. oz. spray bottle with warm or cold water. DO NOT ADD ANY OTHER LIQUID.

2. Add one handy pack of AaChaar Instant Multi Purpose Nontoxic Natural Cleaning Mix. (cut off the tip and empty contents into the spray bottle.)

3. Shake gently for an even distribution of the concentrated mix.

4. Spray and wipe dry with a folded microfiber cloth for a streak free finish.

5. For stains on carpet and other tough spots, spray on a sponge and scrub to release dirt first.

6. Repeat above steps when you refill the SAME spray bottle for reuse.
Please allow 3 to 10 business days for delivery.
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