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Scaravelli Yoga - The Fundamentals
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Scaravelli Yoga - The Fundamentals
Scaravelli Yoga - The Fundamentals
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I have created an energizing Yoga sequence that will give you a well-rounded practice in the Scaravelli method at the beginner to advanced beginner level. If you have practiced Yoga for years, but have never tried the Scaravelli method, this DVD is a great place to start! Throughout this DVD, I offer explanation of the three principles used in this method - the ground, the breath, and the spine. In this particular sequence I have included the fundamentals, such as, a breathing technique, warm up stretches, several standing poses, hip openers, balance poses, strengthening poses, backbends, seated poses, twisting poses and relaxation poses. I truly believe in this method's unique way of incorporating the body's natural movement and utilizing the body's relationship to gravity and breath awareness. When practicing this DVD, please let go of your ambition and allow the body to soften. Release your weight into the ground and allow your spine to grow! Be present, aware of your body's movement and follow your effortless breath. Give yourself infinite time....and wonderful things can happen. Please look for my intermediate level Scaravelli Yoga DVD coming soon!   
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03 Jul,2009

from Santa Monica , United States
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