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Jala Neti Salt 150 Packets
MarketPlace Home > Detox/Disorder > Nasal > Jala Neti Salt 150 Packets
Jala Neti Salt 150 Packets
Jala Neti Salt 150 Packets

Product Price :   USD$ 29.95
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Product Features :

There are several people who recommend certain kinds of salts claiming to have healthy minerals or even various kinds of additives including baking soda.You may call us conservative, but we believe that only Pure Salt should be used WITHOUT additives. While this is not to decry other recommendations, it is just that WE are not convinced on the long-term implications of any additive or chemical on the body. In fact, we even don't recommend table salts that are iodized.Salt has been used for centuries and shown to have tremendous benefits. For jala neti, we would recommend only Pure Salt - the purest you can get. It should contain no additives nor be iodized and should NOT have any anti caking agent.   More Details
Please allow 3 to 10 business days for delivery.
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Latest Reviews / Rating


"I greatly appreciate the convenience of the pre-measured Jala Neti salt packets. "

08 Aug,2018

from Greensboro , United States


"Prompt dispatch and delivery. Quality and unique products that are hard to find in the U.K. thanks "

16 May,2018

from luton , United Kingdom


"Jala Neti Salt packets from Health and are the best neti salt I have found. The salt never burns my sinuses, the premeasured packets are convenient and sanitary, and the price is great. I`ve used these for several years and highly recommend them! "

14 Apr,2018

from Columbia , United States


"Delivery to the USA was prompt. I`m a big fan of the neti salt packets from Health And Yoga. "

15 Feb,2018

from Jacksonville , United States


"Great product and great price. Delivery as expected, if not before. (Wonderful stamps.) Thank you "

15 Feb,2018

from LONDON , United Kingdom
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