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NatureSooth Wooden Gua Sha Massage Tool

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  • Carved from high-quality natural wood by skilled artisans; 100% organic and chemical-free. Skin-friendly and can be used safely on the skin directly. Strong and durable wood withstands pressure. Skilfully crafted- maintaining the natural contours of the wood with a smooth finish for an easy and gentle glide over the skin. Edges carefully carved without any sharp or open ends.
  • Ergonomic Handheld design- Has an extended curve for easy and comfortable grip; Four smoothened points- to exert comfortable yet effective pressure on specific points. One can easily do short strokes in one direction. It has a smooth, even surface, nice polished finish with an attractive look and shine.
  • Amazing Beauty Tool- Regular face massage with this tool helps to tighten and lift the facial skin while promoting collagen production. Lightens scar tissue; Can be used on thighs and buttocks to reduce cellulite. Drains the lymphatic system leading to removal of toxins and brighter skin. Helps to improve blood circulation and remove energy blocks.
  • Professional Therapy Skin Scraping Tool- Recommended for chiropractic professionals, massage therapists, sports therapists and caregivers. Gives effective and quick results. Provides relief from pain and relaxes tired or stressed muscles/tissues. One is able to apply effective, yet gentle strokes on desired area. Its perfect shape and size allow to target large muscles of thighs, calves , hamstrings, upper arm and back as well as the soft tissue of the head, shoulder, and neck.  Helps to reduce
  • Light-weight& Travel-friendly – Product dimensions: Height 13inches,Width 6.3inches ; colour natural wood. Gives instant pain relief in muscles. Ideal for active individuals and professionals; helps manage pains, headaches and daily aches. Good for home and professional use.
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Ancient healing therapies are always in trend cause of their quick and majestic results. HealthAndYoga Wooden Gua Sha Massage Tool is also based on the principles of ancient healing massage therapy. It is hand crafted by artisans with 100% naturally grown wood. The tool retains its natural wood color with smooth curves. It is organic, eco-friendly, and chemical-free. It is skin-friendly and can be safely used directly on the skin.

The Wooden Gua Sha Massage Tool has an ergonomic design. It is a handheld device with anti-slip grip.
It has an extended curve for easy grip that allows for comfortable one direction short strokes. It also has four perfectly carved points for deep tissue/muscle relief massage. These points enable gentle yet effective continuous pressure application without any sharp pricking, bruising or scratching. One can do effortless uninterrupted scraping movement over the affected muscles/tissues.

Used for Surface Tissue Massage for the whole body- arms, legs, scalp, back. It can be used with oil or water on bare skin for pleasant and smooth massage movement. Shows quick results and is effective in treatment of scar tissue and muscles adhesions caused by overexertion or injury to the muscles. Gua sha massage helps to remove energy blocks, drains stagnant lymph and increases blood flow. Can be used over face for skin tightening massage. Also promotes skin repair by making new collagen. Useful for anti-cellulite therapy.

Professionally recommended wooden tool for pain relief massage. Can be used for self use as well as by professional massage therapists, chiropractors for relieving body pain and relaxing stressed or tired muscles/tissues. Superior quality tool that allows continuous gentle strokes on the desired area. Helps to reduce nervous tension, release body heat, stimulate blood flow and reduce fatigue. It's adequate size and shape helps to target large muscles of the upper arm, thighs, back, and calf hamstrings.
It is also suitable for the soft tissue of the shoulder, head, and neck. 

Suitable for active professionals, individuals and professional therapists.
Light-weight and easy to carry. Perfect tool for travel, outdoor activities or sports. Helps in treating body pains, daily aches, headaches, and even chronic pains.
Helpful for post-surgery care or injuries - restores the affected area and accelerates its recovery time.

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Good for home and professional use.

Product dimensions– Length 13inches,Width 6.3inches.

Colour- Natural wood. 

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