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 Customer Ratings of Acupressure Finger Ring
20 Dec 2021
Review not Provided. Dhaval
from   Mumbai, India

21 Dec 2015
I got the delivery on time without any damage and I am very much satisfied with products. Good job! Mathew
from   Chennai, India

23 Jul 2014
I found it fascinating from simply an engineering point of view that these things exist. I didn`t really have a reason to buy it, just a curiosity, but I liked it enough to buy one for my Dad and Grandma who both have chronic finger issues. Inexpensive hope, I figured. Matt
from   , -Select-

23 Jul 2014
very relaxing, stress reliever! Aydrea
from   , -Select-

07 Mar 2014
Your service and products are good except the Kesk Nikhar Hair Tonic. When I use it, a lot of hair fell from my scalp, the smell is so strong, it will not go even if I clean it with another shampoo. Trinidad
from   Chicago, United States

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