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26 Mar 2015
from   Stephenville, United States

learning 22 Aug 2012
just received my two Mala bracelets the crystal and the sandalwood, and will the experience of learning meditation with them, thank you Michael
from   Warren, United States

27 Jul 2012
Review not Provided. Odette
from   Trois rivieres, Canada

01 May 2012
my son loved it! says it helps him immensely with his meditation. thank you very much! only issue was it took so long to get here- he was shipped out (he`s in the army) before it got here so I then had to ship it to him. I will be ordering a long strand very soon- the bracelet was for his deployment Lynn
from   Sayville, United States

30 Jun 2011
I have been ordering my beads for 3 years and this last order was the best. Thank you so much and namaste! J. Hall
from   Conroe, United States


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