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10 Apr 2018
Review not Provided. MARLENA
from   EDMONTON, Canada

19 Apr 2016
perfect Joseph
from   Jupiter, United States

14 Nov 2014
Very quick delivery and all products have been very helpful are are high quality. Rebecca
from   Los Angeles, United States

14 Feb 2014
Not much info about the Amrithara. Had to search about the ingredients which are written in Indian and found out that the first one should be avoided for internal use. Besides the taste and feel of this use is discomforting .
The Neti is too big for holding, for the nostrils, heavy with water and water easily spills over compared to other pots. The instructions are exceptional. Great job. The salt has no ingredient concentrations.
The fact that there is no scientific explanation of how the Patches work and no detailed instructions, makes me doubt about the products` effectiveness.
from   Athens, Greece

15 Jan 2014
The sandal cream is best moisturizer and itchy skin treatment that i have used so far. I love it. Th e ginger tea is very soothing and i enjoy a cup every night. charlotte
from   Frederick, United States


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