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 Customer Ratings of Enema Equipment Neem Leaf Powder 10 Tips
28 Mar 2017
Great product! I wish I would have purchased this a long time ago. Feeling much better now. Would recommend this to anyone who is feeling weak and out of balance. Thank You for such a great product. Allan Allan
from   Lakeland , United States

29 Sep 2016
greatest kit I have found! Donna
from   Oakland, United States

19 Sep 2016
Enema kit is perfect.

I was caught off guard by the been powder as it came in a cheap plastic container and was direct from India. This maybe "perception" and have nothing to do with quality but did concern me as to whether it was food grade quality, free of pesticides,organic, etc. since it goes directly onto the skin. Also, no directions or statements on label as I recall.
from   Yarmouth , United States

09 Sep 2016
I am so happy to have ordered from you, I am so pleased with the product I bought ( enema equipment) and have only good to say!! Linda
from   Fritsla, Sweden

05 Sep 2016
I did reveive the product. I did two sessions so far, and anxious to do the next ones, now that I know the amount of liquid intake I can have without having an urging need for expelling. I am looking forward for the next sessions to be able to keep the liquid in for longer time in order to get out the sticking stuff. Martin
from   Longueuil, Canada


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