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 Customer Ratings of Enema Kit - with Silicone Tubings 10 Tips
04 Mar 2021
very satisfied Swathi
from   vikarabad, India

Enemas have changed my life for the better! 17 Aug 2020
This contraption I thought would be a "chore" - It is NOT!! I love the ease of using and the many benefits for me. Plus itis of grat quality and sturdy. Been using for 3+ years w. no issues. I started using because I am treating cancer more holistically and an enema is part of the weekly or daily treatments I follow. Yet, The benefits are even greater for me as I has battled a rectocoele for 30+ years - since the difficult birth of my 11 pound daughter. A weekly or bi weekly enema is what I should have been doing all these years after her birth and my rectocoele / constipation would not have become so bothersome. My OB sadly has no knowledge of these benefits. But now I am so happy to lay down with this amazing tool in my arsenal to keeping my body happy and healthy. laurene
from   long beach, United States

29 Mar 2018
I bought a kit for a dear friend who has been having serious health issues. After telling her about the very positive results I`ve experienced from using one, she is looking forward to feeling better, too. Lisa
from   Milwaukee, United States

11 Mar 2018
from   Naperville, United States

01 May 2017
Morning!!!! YES I am MOST satisfied with the enema kit and tubing. As a matter of fact I am MOST pleased you are contacting me. I was under the thought that I ordered ten tips, meaning those small tips. I was sent ten tips that are VERY LONG narrow tubing. I have never used anything like before and don`t really know how to use those and would still desire to just have the endings be the small ones that are two and a half inches long. Appreciate the integrity of your company to follow through with your follow-up. Mary
from   Alameda, United States


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