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 Customer Ratings of MovNFlo Foldable Travel Enema Bag Kit (2 Quart)
17 Oct 2023
Product is really good. Piyush
from   Nagpur, India

14 Mar 2022
Review not Provided. Ronald
from   Troy, United States

Traveling? These bags are terrific! 04 Nov 2021
We travel in our Motorhome and around the world - often necessitating use of these convenient travel bags. Since I have a rectocele, I have found an enema 2-3x/week keeps me "out of trouble". just bring a carabiner along to hang it easily. These have lasted for many, many uses. Highly recommend! laurene
from   Long Beach, United States

29 Apr 2021
Review not Provided. Stacy
from   Salt Lake City, United States

27 Mar 2021
from   POST FALLS, United States


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