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 Customer Ratings of Jaggery (Panela)
17 Apr 2010
from   Spokane, United States

26 May 2008
I have purchase from you before and I`ve always been satisfied with everything I`ve received. I love herbodent toothpaste. Neisha
from   Ridgefield, U.S.A.

19 May 2008
Your service is great and I am pleased with the products that I ordered. I partically like the tooth paste. The sandals are comfortable feet love them.:) Jennifer
from   Cary Plt., United States

06 May 2008
great delivery time and great products. especially loved the toothpaste and the tongue scraper (and soap and rest of stuff). thank you so much. will order again. Elaine
from   Gainesville, United States

22 Jun 2006
all is well, again. Good relable service and great products. Frank frank
from   springfield, U.S.A.


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