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This burns after use 08 Aug 2019
I used Neilmed sinus rinse salt sachet when I was in usa. I moved to India and ordered healthandyoga neti salts. It burns/discomforts after use of this salt. I also tried indosurgicals, prime surgicals, netiwash salts (all indian companies). They all burn after use. In between i had few more of neilmed sinus rinse sachets and they again worked fine. Honestly I believed you but it didnt work. I would you to take this feedback positively and compare your product with neilmed sinus rinse sachet. rahul
from   new delhi, India

03 May 2019
Review not Provided. D K
from   Pune, India

01 Apr 2018
Items were delivered at the right time and with good quality Kiran
from   Bangalore, India

02 Sep 2017
All arrived safely and on time - brilliant service and great attention to detail,
Thank you so much.
from   London , United Kingdom

13 Jun 2017
from   Bangalore, India


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