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21 Dec 2018
Review not Provided. Karen
from   Providence , United States

26 Sep 2016
your products are very very good S G
from   Mumbai, India

02 Aug 2016
from   Guelph, Canada

11 Feb 2015
I use your products as part of a health regimen, and they always work beautifully! Thank you. JACKIE
from   CLIFTON, United States

19 Apr 2012
My only negative comment is in regard to the hook. When I originally purchased kit the hook should have been included. It is a necessary item, your cost for the item couldn`t be more than a quarter, probably less. The idea that I had to order it for a dollar in a second order is really poor marketing in my opinion. It seems you are nickel and diming customers unnecessarily. My rating would have been better but for that. Candace
from   Duluth, United States


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