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17 Dec 2020
All products were good. Liked them all.

However, vetiver bath scrub and neem wood tongue cleaner seemed much more pricier than local shops.
from   Bangalore, India

13 Jan 2017
The order took way too long to reach me... I placed this order in September and received it in January. McLean
from   Brisbane, Australia

19 Feb 2015
Very nice product and well packaged.Thank you. Dr. Santanu
from   Tyler, United States

28 Jan 2015
Rudraksh Bracelet was shipped quickly. Quality of product was terrific!! Highly recommended. This was a very pleasant buying experience! Dominik
from   Gloster, United States

24 Jan 2013
The rudraksha mala is smaller (the beads) than I thought. It was hard at first doing jala meditation, but now I`m getting more comfortable using it. Ann Marie
from   Watsonville, -- Select Country --


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