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28 Jun 2023
You are very efficient in sending out my order. I have been pleased with your service now for years. Thank you and I look forward to ordering form you in the future. catherine
from   Moab, United States

31 Dec 2021
Exceptional mala.very natural,hand made,with obvious care.always more than happy with all my purchases from this mindful store.thanks once again for lighting up my life with amazing products. Leonard
from   Keperra, Australia

10 Dec 2020
I really appreciate the integrity and quality of your business. Each time I have ordered malas, they come quickly and are very well made. I had an issue on my last order when I didn`t receive an order number at the time of placement, and I contacted you the follow day and this was quickly remedied. Thank you and I do recommend Health and Yoga to my friends. catherine
from   Moab, United States

10 Apr 2017
I ordered five strands of malas and received them within about a week. I`m very pleased with the quality and the free draw-string bags in which they arrived. I wish the amethyst and carnelian beads were larger, which would have made japa w/them easier (the product descriptions did say these beads are smaller than the other malas I ordered), but they are still very attractive.

Healthy & Yoga did a great job in fulfilling my order timely.
from   Tamarac, United States

06 Mar 2017
I have received the mala beads and other items. All the 3 mala beads are of great quality and the delivery was made well before my expectation. Vikram
from   Gurgaon, India


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