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 Customer Ratings of Spike Acupressure Balls - Set of 2
28 Mar 2017
Excellent quality of products and very good and prompt delivery of them. Only one spike acupressure ball in the pair has broken. No problem the other is working. Magnet balls should not be packed together it seems. Kanagaraj
from   Aizawl, India

19 Apr 2016
Review not Provided. Pallav
from   Lucknow, India

26 Mar 2016
I just like the customer service, it is superb. Not forgetting the speedy delivery, i got my parcel very fast. Caroline
from   lusaka, Zambia

25 Jan 2016
Fast Delivery of product. Good stress buster product Saurabh
from   Mumbai, India

21 Dec 2015
I got the delivery on time without any damage and I am very much satisfied with products. Good job! Mathew
from   Chennai, India


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