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Retreat Directory Listing and Registration

The RetreatPlace helps ethical Holidays and Retreats find a platform which is frequented by thousands of eager visitors looking for such travel.  

What is the RetreatPlace and how does it operate?
The Retreat Place is a comprehensive platform for you to list your Wellness Retreat / Accomodation or Holiday.

HealthAndYoga is an extremely popular website for persons seeking Wellness retreats worldwide and has over 15,000 views every single day - a great platform for retreats to get immediate visibility.

You can now use this platform for low-cost promotion of your Retreats.

You can provide as much information about your Retreat, including pictures and facility details to help visitors prefer your location when they plan their next vacation.

Visitors who view your listing can make a DIRECT email enquiry to you and thereafter you can be in direct conversation to secure their booking.

Enquiries through the Retreat Place are high quality leads from those who are making their enquiry after vetting various options. Therefore, you have a very good probability of conversion.  

Benefits to You :
  • The Retreat Place is perhaps the fastest growing destination where people visit to make their retreat choice. Being listed here, INSTANTLY exposes your retreat to 1000s of visitors who visit the Retreat Place daily.

  • You retreat will be part of the extensive marketing efforts taken by us to generate visibility of your retreat and enquiries.

  • Limited Time Offer -For those opting for the PPV model below, you can avail of the lowest ever pay-per-view rate of $0.005 ($10 would get you 2000 views) - clearly the next best thing to free!

How it works?
Once you have listed, you pay only based on our Performance.

Accordingly, you can choose to pay based on 2 methods -
- On enquiries generated: "Pay-per-Enquiry (PPE) Model"


- On number of actual page views of your Listings: "Pay-per-View (PPV) Model".
A comparison of the two models is given below :

Visit the Retreat Place to get a feel on how retreats appear on display.

If you are ready to list your retreat and get more people to know of it, Sign up here


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