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StretchNHeal Wooden Pranayama Stick - Regular - 26 inches

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World wide Reviews of

StretchNHeal Wooden Pranayama Stick - Regular - 26 inches

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  • ROBUST HANDCRAFTED WOOD- Durable and meant for long-term use.
    Chemical-free polish gives an attractive luster.
  • CORRECTS POSTURE- Helps straighten upper back. Builds strength of tendons and spinal ligaments.
    Aids in opening the chest for optimal lung capacity utilization during Pranayama.
  • COMFORTABLE LENGTH - One can easily hold between elbows without slipping. Rounded even surface of 2.5 cm thickness. No sharp edges - Ends are rounded ensuring safety.
  • DETACHABLE TWO PART STICK – It comes in 2 parts that are screwed together; can be easily assembled.
    Each piece is 33 cm long. Full length after assembly- About 66 cm.
  • YOGA AID - Can be carried anywhere. Lightweight. Available in Dark Brown color.
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The problem of buckle shoulder, hump, or slouch back can affect the health badly as it hampers the breathing. Slouchy shoulders, do not allow the lungs to get filled with air completely. This leads to further health problems. This also leads to poor body confidence and lack of enthusiasm. This can be corrected by straightening out the shoulders consciously and taking long deep breaths. For this purpose, HealthAndYoga has designed the StretchNHeal Pranayama Stick.

HealthAndYoga StretchNHeal Pranayama Stick helps to pull back the shoulders, straighten spine and allows to open the chest. It is ethically made from robust, naturally grown wood.
When used properly and regularly, it offers various benefits -

- Restores Spine shape.
- Gives proper compression to shoulders and back.
- Builds strength of tendons and spinal ligaments.
- Corrects upper back posture.
- Helps open chest for optimal lung capacity utilization during Pranayama.

StretchNHeal Stick is durable and best for long-term use. Its surface has a chemical-free polish used to give the stick an attractive luster.

StretchNHeal Detachable Stick is a 2 part stick, that can be screwed together.
Assembled Total Length - About 66 cm. Unassembled parts - Length 33 cm .

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  • StretchNHeal Stick has an even surface with a thickness of 2.5 cm. We have ensured that it has no sharp edges that would poke or scratch the skin.
  • The ends are rounded for comfortable use.
  • Portable, and compact for travel.
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