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Superior non-stretch cotton twill based
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Anti Pollution Mask with Washable Activated Carbon Filter
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A Simple and Economical Home enema option
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Meditation beads for energy balancing and spiritual healing
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Herbomineral is a Powerful combination
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Yoga Cleansing

Yoga fights off the free radicals which are responsible for decay and degeneration of body cells. Free radicals are produced in response to accumulation of toxins in the body. These toxins are a byproduct of our lifestyle, our diet, and our emotional patterns. Yoga has many techniques which balance the energy flow of body through two main channels; Ida and Pingala. These Cleansing techniques are known as Shatkarmas. Read about Colon cleansing (Enemas), Sinus Irrigation (Neti), Oral cleansing, Stomach cleansing and their benefits.

Yoga Cleansing
Yoga & Meditation

The word meditation is derived from two latin words: meditari (to think, dwell or exercise the mind) & mederi (to heal). In Sanskrit, the derivation `medha' stands for wisdom. Meditation is an effective stress buster. It helps to achieve a state of "thoughtless awareness". In this state the mind becomes calm & the stress producing activity of the mind slows down without hampering effectiveness & alertness. In our Meditation section, learn about mantras and the importance of Mala Beads in Japa meditation and much more.

Yoga & Meditation
Pranayama & Breathing

Breathing means `'life''. The inhalation of oxygen to transform nutrients into fuel and exhalation of carbon dioxide, a toxic waste. In yogic tradition, the main source of `pana' or `life force' is the air. Pranayama mainly involves breath exercises or breathing techniques which are develop by ancient yogis to maximize the benefits of Pranayama. In yoga, Pranayama is practiced to clear or cleanse the body and mind. Thus, breathing exercises or Pranayama help in the preparation for meditation and practice of postures in asanas for better results.

Pranayama & Breathing