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earth or any other physical planet in the galactic system. Karma Yoga is a method of doing all our activities in such a way that it does not bind us to the law of karma and the consequent bondage to the repeated cycles of births and deaths. 

Giving up desiring for material enjoyments 
This is not possible instantly. It is achieved slowly, gradually over a period of time. The desire to enjoy the sense pleasures, whether of this world or the higher heavenly worlds binds the soul to the world of matter. Even when the desires are fully satisfied, they do not lead to total satisfaction or fulfillment. So the more we can free the mind of these desires the more freedom we will find. 

We must not remain unnecessarily attached to or cling to anything in this material world. This clinging leads to bondage. Nothing in this world is ours. Everything is impermanent, temporary and nothing here will give full satisfaction. So one learns to be non-attached to every thing in life though fulfilling all our duties and obligations faithfully and sincerely. Our attachment should only be to the bliss of the soul and make every effort to regain it. 

Reduce expectations 
Expectations create pain and suffering. In all our activities and relationships we have to reduce our expectations. 

Offer the fruits of actions to God 
This means not to crave for the fruits of our actions in the form of name, fame, selfglorification, self-aggrandizement. This craving binds us to the world of matter and becomes a big cause for repeated births and deaths. We should do all our activities as service to God or to please God and not to crave for a reward. Craving for the result of actions binds the soul to the body because through the body only it can experience the reward. 

Total and unconditional surrender to God's will 
God constantly speaks to us through our deepest feelings and the voice of intuition. Our personality has to distinct levels. A lower level dictated by ego consciousness and a higher level dictated by the Soul. Most of our actions in daily life are done completely dictated by our ego. When we learn to sit quietly in meditation listen to the voice of the soul within and do our activities in accordance with the instructions of the soul, that is called surrender to God's will. Most of the time all religious fanatic leaders, priests and even often good yoga teachers may claim they are doing their activities guided by soul wisdom but in fact they may actually be doing it guided by their ego. In case of good yoga teachers their ego is definitely more purified but still they may retain a sense of superiority or doer-ship. This sense of superiority or doer-ship has to be ruthlessly given up. 

Deep prolonged meditation 
Meditation is also a form of karma. It is a very good spiritual karma. Through deep, intense and prolonged meditations the seeds of past karmas the whole sanchita stock are fried and all causes for the soul's bondage to the world of matter is destroyed. The soul then finds its ultimate freedom. 


yoga book   yoga book
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