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But Parvati cautioned wait a minute just know that if you are not pure and you place your feet on my husband's head then you will go to Hell. Hearing this everybody hesitated. They were not sure whether they were pure or not pure. They have taken a Ganga bath, they are supposed to be pure but they were not ready to put their faith to such a test, they had doubts. Nobody came forward. After a long time one extremely dirty, drunk, foul smelling man came forward. Parvati simply did not even like to look at this dirty man and shouted, not you. You will not put your dirty feet on my husband, go away. The man replied, ‘young Mother it is true I am very dirty but Mother I just took a dip in the all sactifying holy Ganga. Not withstanding my external dirt I am clean and pure'. ‘But you will go to hell if you are not' Parvati cautioned. ‘No Mother, I cannot go to Hell I just took a holy dip'. As he came forward to put his feet Shiva got up and told Parvati you see of all these millions only one had real genuine faith. Those who have such faith will go to Heaven others not. Parvati felt assured, she felt happy. Her feminist tendencies felt relieved to know that the rapists will not go to Heaven. She was pleased. Shiva resumed his samadhi in Mount Kailash. 

Negative experiences are opportunities for growth 
Three saints once got together. They spend most of their time together in prayer, meditation and singing the praises of the Lord. Thereafter they decided to pray individually invoke the Lord and offer their gratitude to Him. The first saint began with his prayer. My Lord reveal Thyself, reveal Thyself. My eyes are thirsty to see Thee in a physical form. The Lord appeared to him in his well known Vishnu form. Prostrating to Vishnu the saint said, ‘my Lord in this life you gave me a very loving, caring, affectionate and service full wife. She gets up before me everyday, goes to sleep always after me and does all the family duties on her own. Because of this my Lord I had all the time to pray and meditate and today I am seeing You in this blissful form. I am very grateful to you my Lord'. The Lord was pleased with this expression of gratitude and said that in life after life he will always get the same wife. The second saint now began his prayers. The Lord revealed to him also. The saint seeing the Lord said, ‘my Lord in this life you gave me a wife the exact opposite of the first one. My wife is a master par excellence in the advance art of holy nagging. She nags and nags and nags so much that my ears ache even to think that I have to listen to her. It is to escape from her constant nagging that I have been so regular in coming to Your temple for prayer and meditation. Had she been a better wife probably I would have got attached to her and would have forgotten You. Thanks to her nagging today I have this blessed opportunity to see Thy loving form. Please my Lord do this favor that in life after life give me always a wife like this so that my mind always turns towards Thee'. The third saint now began his prayers and the Lord appeared before him as well. Prostrating to the Lord he began, ‘my Lord in this life you gave me a very beautiful wife but very soon You took her away to Thy abode. I was left alone, sad and depressed. Thanks to this loneliness my mind turned towards Thee to fill the hollowness in my life. Today I am blessed to see Thee with these physical eyes. Had she not died probably I would have got attached to her and never would have bothered to think of You and Your infinite blessings. My Lord I do not mind if life after life You take my wife away as long as my mind always seeks Thee. 


yoga book   yoga book
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