We are in an era of gender equality and women empowerment but even today,in some places menstruation is regarded as a taboo. Lot of young girls and women are not taught about menstrual hygiene, and left to their own means. This can be hazardous, as lack of proper training can lead to major health issues in women.

It is the responsibility of our society, to teach our young girls and women about vaginal and reproductive health.

Below are some hygiene tips that all girls and women should be aware of –

1. Do Not Use Soap

Usually, while taking bath, females have this tendency to rub harsh soap on their vagina. The rasping and harmful chemicals in soaps, can disturb the natural balance of bacteria and the pH balance of the vagina.

Also, some women frequently use talcum powder, which leads to extreme dryness. This may cause itching and pain during intercourse. Use of talcum powder in the private areas has been suspected to increase the risk of endometrial cancer.

It is best clean the vaginal area using only clean luke warm water followed by gentle drying with tissue or soft cloth.

2. Keep Your Undergarment Dry

Always dry your vagina with a toilet paper or a soft cloth after urination to prevent wetting your undergarments. Wet underclothes can lead to an awful smell and may cause vaginal infections.

Some amount of vaginal discharge is normal. But keep a track of the discharge. In case of any foul smell or discoloration, consult a gynaecologist.

3. Clean the Vagina after Intercourse

It is very important to clean your vagina after intercourse; this is because fluids from protections can cause irritations and infection. Therefore make it a habit to clean your vagina with water after the act.

4. Change Sanitary Pads Every 4-6 Hours

According to doctors,women who have a normal flow should change sanitary pads every 4 to 6 hours. Even with less flow, wearing the same pad for long hours can be harmful. It is advisable to keep the area clean and dry with fresh change.For women who have heavy flow they may require a more frequent change every couple of hours.

Whether at home or outside, it is very important to change the sanitary pads at regular intervals. Some surveys, show that many women face difficulties in changing their sanitary napkins because of lack of proper disposable facilities in certain places. It becomes embarrassing to dispose a soiled pad at someone else’s place, trip, or common office bathroom. At such times, it is advisable to keep Handy Sanitary Disposable Bags for discreet and hygienic disposal.

Stay stress free and stop worrying about managing your periods, thanks to the Handy Sanitary Disposable Bag introduced by Health And Yoga. These bags allow you to work and enjoy life anywhere and anytime. These bags are very simple to use and can be sealed after putting the soiled pad in them. They do not allow any odour or liquid to come out. They are biodegradable and can be carried easily in any small purse or pocket.

Not changing sanitary napkins for long can cause skin rashes and foul smell. It can also make you prone to vaginal infections.

5. Say ‘NO” to Pubic Hair Shaving

Many women opt for shaving their pubic hair as they feel it is more hygienic to remove hair rather than keep it. But researches have proved otherwise, that pubic hair protects the vagina from harmful bacteria by reducing the chances of infection.

The use of electric shavers or manual razors on the pubic area can increase the chances vaginal infections and painful ingrown hairs. Visiting the salon for a wax, exposes you to various harmful chemicals and unclean spatulas. Be mindful of the risks involved in pubic hair removal.

6. Don’t Wear Tight Clothes

Wearing tight underclothes reduces blood circulation and air circulation resulting in vaginal sweating. Also, synthetic material, leather or wet swimming costumes can breed bacteria and yeast, leading to vaginal infections. Therefore, it is advised by doctors to wear breathable cotton undergarments.

Bearing in mind these do’s and don’ts, can help to prevent vaginal infections and keep you fit and healthy. So don’t be silent, talk about it.

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