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Handy Sanitary Disposable Bags

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World wide Reviews of

Handy Sanitary Disposable Bags

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  • Easy to use, easy to carry, mess-free disposal bag: Remove strip & press seal.
  • Eliminates discomfort of disposing intimate products in black Plastic bags or newspaper.
  • Perfumed & Leak Proof bag- Spill-Proof and Tamper Proof
  • Eco friendly Biodegradable material used- PE Virgin Grade. It degrades into carbon dioxide, water and Biomass.
  • 1 Pack has 15 bags. Dispose in DUST-BIN only. DO NOT FLUSH
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Biodegradable Sanitary Disposal Bags-
Women and girls often find themselves in a situation where they need to be mindful while disposing off their used and soiled sanitary napkin waste. Other intimate products also like pee-buddy, tampons or baby diapers need to be disposed off discreetly and hygienically. Instead of carrying bulky black bags or news-paper in your purse, just carry these user friendly disposable bags. Avoid uncomfortable situations with these bags. A woman's essential for the hand bag.

These disposable bags are exceedingly simple to use. Simply insert the soiled product in the open end, peel off the strip under the seal and press seal over the bag. That’s it! These bags have pleasant scent and Leak-proof boundary. They do not create any hassles or mess being spill-proof. These Green bags can easily hold used intimate products for long without spreading any pungent smell. They are compact can be placed in any purse or clutch. Have sufficient carrying capacity.

These sanitary disposable bags are bio-degradable. The material used in fabrication of these bags is PE Virgin Grade resin. This Resin has a MASTERBATCH carrying an agent which initiates degrading of the polymer when given exposure to light. This is what makes this product a must have to save environment from poisonous Plastic.

Instructions to Use: To dispose used intimate product, take a bag from the pack. Insert the used napkin in the open end properly. Remove the adhesive tape under the flap. Press the flap over the opening , sealing the bag.
Remember to throw the Bag in bin only. Do Not Flush.

Stay Clean and Go Green with these bags.
Always carry this compact pack of 15 bags while backpacking, visiting a friend, workplace or travelling.
Colours may vary

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