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Stainless Steel Neti pot: Problems and Precautions
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Home : Stainless Steel Neti pot: Problems and Precautions
Stainless Steel Neti pot: Problems and Precautions

Well known for its Robustness and Hygiene, the stainless steel Neti pot is definitely the most suited for your Neti practice.

Having said that, your Neti pot demands special care to increase its longevity. There are certain issues that may occur with your stainless steel Neti pot, due to the peculiar nature of stainless steel.

We shall discuss these, along with corrective steps already taken by us and 'what you can do' to help your pot go on for a long time. Click on the links below:


"Rusting" at the end where the spout meets the body.
Spout 'breaking off'
Our rock solid 6-month guarantee

"Rusting" at the end where the spout meets the body

Why it can occur?
This is a complaint brought to our notice in the past. At the outset, we may state that the "best of steels" can experience corrosion at the welded joint seams due to a phenomenon called "capillary corrosion", more so in a warm chloride environment (such as warm salty water). It happens because the passivating layer that makes the steel stainless gets disturbed with welding.


What we have done:
A technique called pickling is universally employed to minimize such effects. We have now adopted this advanced technique in our manufacturing to help solve this problem. This is followed by an additional coating around the joint area to further strengthen such protection.

  What you should do:

Always rinse your pot with clean water to remove ALL salt residues from your pot. This is also important from a hygiene point of view.

Dry your pot with a towel cloth from the inside and outside after each use. Pay special attention to dry the following areas:

These measures should fully ensure that no rust like occurrence takes place.

Spout 'Breaking off'

In some rare cases, the spout of the pot may 'break off' or the pot may reach you with the spout separated. While we offer full replacement guarantee, you may like to know why this may occur and what we have done to minimize this.

Sometimes, the pickling and passivation process that is employed for the longevity of your neti pot, may render the joint weak. This can cause it to snap off or develop leaks in rare cases.

What we have done:

Recognizing this we have made the spouts thicker to adhere better with the pot surface. This has almost completely eliminated such cases. Still if it happens to you, just let us know on the Customer Support Form and we'll ensure immediate replacement.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee your Neti pot purchase a full 180 days till after your purchase. For 6 months after your purchase, if you feel dissatisfied for any reason, please let us know and we'll refund your charge completely. That's a guarantee which surely betters the best.

Because we stand by our product and - as thousands of our satisfied users will vouch for - no other pot is more durable and hygienic that an original stainless steel Neti Pot.

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